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Title: Unwrapped
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: R for sexuality
Prompts: presents and the quote: “We'll be changing the rules, a little bit. We are opening the presents now. Not later, now. Why? We're adults, and we can open our presents, whenever we want!” (The Ref)
Word Count: 2823 words
Summary: You know Remus wants you, but he doesn't realise you want him every bit as much... Tonks finds a way to get exactly what she wants for Christmas, but of course, it involves breaking the rules.
Author’s Notes: Written for the Pink Christmas Advent at [ profile] metamorfic_moon, for the prompts presents and “We'll be changing the rules, a little bit. We are opening the presents now. Not later, now. Why? We're adults, and we can open our presents, whenever we want!” (The Ref). This fic's a bit of a departure in style for me; I thought it would be fun to experiment with something completely different, so I hope you all like my use of the 2nd person POV and alternating narrators. Many thanks to [ profile] godricgal for her superb beta work.


Unwrapped )
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Title: Bittersweets
Author: MrsTater
Rating & Warnings: G for Gross
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 1966 words
Summary: On Teddy's first birthday, a Lupin family tradition reveals that Remus' son doesn't share a crucial family trait... [Alternate Universe]
Author’s Notes: Just a bit of silliness, really, written for the prompts Honeydukes, Day of Shocks, and general at the [ profile] metamorfic_moon Autumn Moonlight Jumble, October, 2008. Not for the weak of stomach, this fic is set in the same 'verse as The Honeymooners, in which a post-war Harry lives with Remus and Tonks and goes back to Hogwarts for his 7th year. Many thanks to [ profile] godricgal for looking it over for me! And to [ profile] tegdoh, who inadvertently inspired the plot twist....

Bittersweets )
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Title: The Honeymooners
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for innuendo and implied sexuality
Word Count: 7862 words
Summary: Two years after their wedding, Remus and Tonks finally make it on their honeymoon. But now they've got something they didn't when they first married, will they be able to stop thinking about it long enough to enjoy themselves? Especially when letters from Harry read increasingly like cries for help?
Author's Notes: Originally written for The Beatles and the Bard Timeless Moon Ball at [ profile] metamorfic_moon, this shameless Deathly Hallows Denial Fic was inspired by the prompt, Close your eyes and I'll kiss you / Tomorrow I'll miss you / Remember I'll always be true / And then while I'm away / I'll write home every day (from "All My Loving," by The Beatles). It's a sequel of sorts to a short piece I wrote called Anniversary, both of which are in the same ficverse as another fic, Once, though the only thing you need to know about it is that Mad-Eye named Tonks the beneficiary of his will, which gave her and Remus a house and a full Gringott's vault. ;) Many thanks to [ profile] godricgal, the bestest beta in the world! Feedback and/or concrit are always very welcome and much appreciated!


The Honeymooners )
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Title: In Peace
Author: [personal profile] mrstater 
Word Count: 4145
Summary: Remus has long since moved on from thinking his marriage was a mistake for which Tonks has paid too dearly, but when the war brings grim tidings for his family on Christmas Eve, he realises that his life is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle.
Author’s Notes: Written for the 2007 Winter Wonderland Advent at [profile] metamorfic_moon , this fic was inspired by the prompt "cooking" and the lyrics "Sleep in heavenly peace, sleep in heavenly peace" (Joseph Mohr). As always, many thanks to [personal profile] godricgal  and [profile] vnfan for beta reading! Feedback is welcome and very much appreciated.

In Peace )
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Title: Serpents
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: R for sexuality
Prompts: weakness; "In the light of Voldemort's return, we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided."
Word Count: 66,000
Summary: Two years into a relationship with Remus, and the correct way to deal with full moons continues to elude Tonks, dredging up her insecurities and memories of painful past failures. Voldemort's attack on a fellow Order member puts everything into perspective for her...But will Remus see the light?
Author’s Notes: A leap into the future in the Caring For Magical Creatures, and eventually will be re-purposed to fit into that fic linear fashion. For now, it should stand alone even if you've not read that WIP, though the background might make more sense as it's a POA-era R/T romance. Other pertinent one-shots include You Should Know... and For the Fun Of It.

Written for the Last Chance Full Moon Showdown at [ profile] metamorfic_moon, this fic won second runner-up in the Members' Choice category.


Prologue: Judgment Day

1. Vicious Cycle

2. Up From the Grave

3. Between the Woman and the Serpent

4. In the Waiting Room

5. What Was and Is and Is To Come

6. The Tip Of the Iceberg

Epilogue: Little Children, Love One Another
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Title: The Hopes and Fears of All the Years
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks
Summary: When Tonks finds a book she must read during a Christmas shopping trip with Remus, it affects their relationship over three Christmases.

1995: So Stars Impart To Human Hearts

1996: In Despair I Bow My Head

1997: This Is the Night

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Title: Empathy
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: R for sex
Pairing/Featured Characters: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks; Augusta Longbottom, Neville Longbottom, Fred & George Weasley
Summary: In the weeks following the battle in the Department of Mysteries, members of the Order of the Phoenix struggle to soldier on even as they cope with losing their own. When Amelia Bones is murdered, the strain of war becomes too great for Tonks, and she only feels more inadequate when she turns to Remus and finds him burdened by his own battles. Can a date in Diagon Alley bolster their spirits and help them support each other?

Part One

Part Two

Part Three
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Title: Don’t Look Back
Author: MrsTater
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Featured Characters: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks (and other canon pairings); Fleur Delacour; Hermione Granger; Harry Potter; Arthur, Bill, Charlie, Fred, George, Ginny, Molly, and Ron Weasley
Summary: When Harry's coming-of-age party and Bill and Fleur's wedding bring Remus and Tonks for a few days' stay at the Burrow, they expect reprieve from the encroaching darkness. But war doesn't stop for celebration, and when trouble with Molly forces Remus to revisit the past, it threatens his resolve to go through with plans for the future.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five
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This is the fic I submitted to the Valentine's Love Hearts Challenge round of the [ profile] metamorfic_moon Lovers' Moon Fic Jumble.

Title: Blue Eyes
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Format & Word Count: Fic, 1000 words
Rating: PG
Prompt: "blue eyes"
Summary: Remus spends Valentine's Day with a natural redhead, and discovers the merits of poetry as a Defence Against the Dark Arts.
Author's Note: Thanks to my lovely beta, [ profile] godricgal.

Blue Eyes )
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I'm very pleased to announce that the moderators of [ profile] metamorfic_moon are very excited about our community's third major fic event: the Lovers' Moon Fic Jumble. Check out the info and sign up today!
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Fancy Nymphadora of the Week, Lupin's Latticework of Scars, and new ficathons with a twist? Looking for a beta, or just a place to brainstorm fic ideas and talk shop with other R/T writers? Visit [ profile] metamorfic_moon, a new community for all your R/T writing needs.

Really, [ profile] godricgal and I would love if you'd pop over and see what we've been brewing up. We've been bursting with ideas for this since the beginning of summer, and we're really excited to put a little more R/T love in the world.


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