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Title: On the Mend
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters & Pairings: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin; inferred Remus/Tonks, Snape/Lily
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for language
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 4315 words
Summary: Having survived the final battle, Remus Lupin and Severus Snape need healing from more than just their war wounds. AU.
Author's Notes: Genfic from [ profile] mrstater? Remus and Snape genfic? Note the &, not the /. ;) I know, my gob is smacked, too. But I've been reading a bit of Snape AU fic this week, which caused me to re-read bits of Deathly Hallows, and it got me to thinking about how sexy Alan Rickman is what a shame it is that Snape dies, because it would be really interesting to see how the Order members (particularly Remus) and wizarding society at large would interact with Snape once they know his true role in everything. Combine those thoughts with a quote that kept going through my head, "Time wounds all heels," which an English teacher of mine who was most definitely a Slytherin always used to say, and this is the result.

Obviously it's AU since nobody dies, and I've taken a few liberties with the setting, as well, because if I'd had Remus and Snape recovering in St. Mungo's, their injuries would likely have them in separate wards (Spell Damage and Dangerous Bites), and the whole premise depended on them being stuck in the same place together. Hopefully it works. :)

On the Mend )
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Title: Sexy
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Fandom & Pairing: Harry Potter, Remus/Tonks
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for sexuality and possibly TMI about the after-effects of childbirth on the female body
Format & Word Count: fic, 1058 words
Summary: As they adjust to being new parents, Remus and Tonks must get reacquainted with one another as a couple.
Author's Note: At four weeks post-partum, I am shamelessly writing fic inspired by my own recent experiences. Hey, at least I'm writing again, right? ;) As I adjust to my post-baby body, I've been thinking about [ profile] drumher's lovely work of R/T fanart, One Last Kiss (see icon), and a comment she made once, somewhere, that she didn't think Tonks would morph away her post-partum features. (If you didn't actually say that, [ profile] drumher, please don't sue me for libel.) I really admire that -- though if I could morph my old body back? Hell, yeah, I would!

All that to say, I agree with [ profile] drumher, or whoever doesn't think Tonks would take the easy way out, and this piece is about Tonks, not me. Or rather, about how Remus deals with it. Or maybe it's about how Mr. Tater would deal with it…Argh, maybe there is too much of me in this…

Anyway! I hope y'all enjoy this fic. Feedback, as always, is very welcome, but it's been an age since I wrote fanfic of any kind, much less R/T fanfic, and I did this between feedings, diaper changes, and trying to comfort a fussy baby who won't nap, so please be kind. :)

Sexy )
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Title: Unwrapped
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: R for sexuality
Prompts: presents and the quote: “We'll be changing the rules, a little bit. We are opening the presents now. Not later, now. Why? We're adults, and we can open our presents, whenever we want!” (The Ref)
Word Count: 2823 words
Summary: You know Remus wants you, but he doesn't realise you want him every bit as much... Tonks finds a way to get exactly what she wants for Christmas, but of course, it involves breaking the rules.
Author’s Notes: Written for the Pink Christmas Advent at [ profile] metamorfic_moon, for the prompts presents and “We'll be changing the rules, a little bit. We are opening the presents now. Not later, now. Why? We're adults, and we can open our presents, whenever we want!” (The Ref). This fic's a bit of a departure in style for me; I thought it would be fun to experiment with something completely different, so I hope you all like my use of the 2nd person POV and alternating narrators. Many thanks to [ profile] godricgal for her superb beta work.


Unwrapped )
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Title: Bittersweets
Author: MrsTater
Rating & Warnings: G for Gross
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 1966 words
Summary: On Teddy's first birthday, a Lupin family tradition reveals that Remus' son doesn't share a crucial family trait... [Alternate Universe]
Author’s Notes: Just a bit of silliness, really, written for the prompts Honeydukes, Day of Shocks, and general at the [ profile] metamorfic_moon Autumn Moonlight Jumble, October, 2008. Not for the weak of stomach, this fic is set in the same 'verse as The Honeymooners, in which a post-war Harry lives with Remus and Tonks and goes back to Hogwarts for his 7th year. Many thanks to [ profile] godricgal for looking it over for me! And to [ profile] tegdoh, who inadvertently inspired the plot twist....

Bittersweets )
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Title: In Sickness
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for innuendo
Format & Word Count: one-shot, 7880 words
Summary: Tenth in the Transfigured Hearts series: Remus at last gives in to Tonks' request to help him after the full moon, but when she sees him at his lowest, it's more than Remus bargained for. Will he push her away for the last time, or does their relationship still have a chance?
Author's Notes: Yet another revision, which has been a very long time in coming! This story follows Recurring Problem and was one of the main ones that always bugged me a bit, probably because I wrote the whole series out of order; Remus' behavior always seemed to come rather out of the blue in this one, so I wrote an opening scene to hopefully give it some context. (The original is here for any parties interested in comparing versions.) Many thanks to the lovely [ profile] godricgal for enthusiastically betaing and helping me sort out the sticky issue of making a narrative shift from Tonks to Dora. (And encouraging me to get this project finished, lol.)

In Sickness )


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