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Title: Bright and Morning Star (1/?)
Author: MrsTater
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter
Format & Word Count: WIP, 3642 words in Chapter 1
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for mild sexuality and adult themes
Summary: "Caspian and his men all came safely back to Ramandu's Island. And the three lords woke from their sleep. Caspian married Ramandu's daughter and they all reached Narnia in the end…" But it's a long voyage to Narnia, and the waters of marriage are more troubled and difficult to navigate than the sea. [post-VotDT]
Author's Notes: Having become rather obsessed with this pairing, because of its fairytale beginning and tragic end, I've made the perhaps foolish decision, given my track record with WIPs, to expand my original one-shot, Bright and Morning Star, into a chaptered fic about the early days of Caspian's marriage to Ramandu's Daughter (who so far has no name; I hope I can make that work, as I dislike the name she was given in the film and don't feel up to the challenge of naming the daughter of a star)--you know, before things get all angsty, though I think this story will have a fair amount of angst. I'll do my best to update regularly, and I hope you all enjoy! Feedback (including concrit!) are most welcome and appreciated.

Prologue: The Beginning | 1. The King Takes a Queen )
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So I'm working on another Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter fic (a sequel to Bright and Morning Star, or I might make it a continuation, I haven't decided yet), and I checked out Lewis's Narnian timeline because I wanted to know how long they were married before Rilian was born (FYI, it was 15 years, which confirms the idea I've always had that Rilian was a very long hoped-for child).

Anyway, I'm doing a bit of head-scratching because on the timeline it puts VotDT as spanning the years 2306-2307, but the marriage of Caspian/RD doesn't occur till 2310. Am I crazy, or does that contradict the book?

Only two more things need to be told. One is that Caspian and his men all came safely back to Ramandu's Island. And the three lords woke from their sleep. Caspian married Ramandu's daughter and they all reached Narnia in the end, and she became a great queen and the mother and grandmother of great kings.

I'd taken the above to mean that Caspian married RD before the return voyage to Narnia, pretty much immediately after VotDT. Is it reasonable to go with that and ignore the timeline as not being strictly canon?
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Title: Bright and Morning Star (Prologue/?)
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Characters & Pairings: Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter
Rating & Warnings: G for shippy goodness
Format & Word Count: WIP, 1138 words in Prologue
Summary: For the first time in all the long months of seafaring, this was no unfamiliar shore. He had been here before. He had not sailed to the utter East. He had turned back, he was going home. His adventures were over. Or were they? Caspian returns to Ramandu's Island.
Author's Note: I've always wanted to write that missing moment in which Caspian is reunited with Ramandu's Daughter. Now I've done it, and I think I could possibly get quite addicted to writing this pairing as CS Lewis gave us nothing between "Caspian married Ramandu's daughter" and "Caspian's Queen was bitten by a serpent and died." A fanfic writer's dream…except for that whole thing where she doesn't have a name I'm going to have to figure out how to get around that. Movie!Ramandu's Daughter is called "Lilliandil" which makes me think of a tweenie writing Mary Sue LotR fanfic…But anyway! Here's my first foray into Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter. Hope you enjoy…

Prologue: The Beginning )
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Title: Bright and Morning Star
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Caspian/Ramandu's Daughter
Format & Word Count: WIP
Rating & Warnings: PG-13 for mild sexuality and adult themes
Summary: "Caspian and his men all came safely back to Ramandu's Island. And the three lords woke from their sleep. Caspian married Ramandu's daughter and they all reached Narnia in the end…" But it's a long voyage to Narnia, and the waters of marriage are more troubled and difficult to navigate than the sea. [post-VotDT]

Prologue: The Beginning

1. The King Takes a Queen

2. In Sickness
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Title: Of Mice and Men
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Fandom: The Chronicles of Narnia
Rating: G
Format & Word Count: ficlet, 505 words
Summary: After his adventures at sea, Eustace finds solace at home. [post-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader]
Author's Note: The new movie did nothing for me if not rekindle my love for all things Narnia. With the pretty that is Ben Barnes, I'm rather surprised to find myself writing Eustace genfic! But I loved the portrayal of his relationship with Reepicheep, and even as their parting scene at the End of the World moved me to tears, this little fic was forming in my imagination. Enjoy!

Into the wardrobe… )
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Did I miss something, or have I not seen much around LJ about The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? It's been out for a month now, and normally on top of movie releases, Mr. Tater and I only just got around to seeing it today. (Though honestly, since it got such crap reviews and we can't go to a movie at the drop of a hat anymore, several other movies bumped it down on our priority list.)

Tater's Review (Beware spoilers, though if you've read the book, obviously you're already spoiled...) )
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FINALLY saw Deathly Hallows this afternoon. I won't go into great detail about it because my thoughts pretty much match everyone else's: it was the best movie so far, and from an R/T shipping perspective, it was nice that what little R/T was in the movie was all happy-in-love instead of the stupid angst of the book, and I pretty much loved the parts everyone else loved and went WTH about the same parts everyone else went WTH about.

But why has no one else commented about the best part* of the movie: Snape coming up the walk to Malfoy Manor, striding straight through the gates with his robes billowing behind him? Seriously, y'all. Alan Rickman doesn't even have to say a line (and barely does) to steal the whole movie. He owns that role. And hot damn--Alan Rickman knows how to rock the wizard's robes, yes?

I absolutely cannot wait for Snape's final scenes in part two. It is going to be awesome. I wish he wasn't going to die.

And I also wish Voldemort would win, because Ralph Fiennes is also awesome. (This has nothing to do with the fact that I realized the other day that the next time the Doppelganger meme goes around Facebook, Mr. Tater will have to post not-Voldemort!Ralph's picture.) The last shot of the movie, with him wielding the Elder Wand and the lightning? Pure evil gold.

(See, I told you that if the Sorting Hat got hold of me, I'd go straight to Slytherin.)

*Honorable Mention goes to George sneaking into the room while Harry and Ginny are making out and letting his toothbrush hover while he sits sipping tea and winking at Harry.

Talking of Deathly Hallows...

A fic I wrote right after the book came out, Jumping the Broom, has been nominated in the "Fic I Couldn't Stop Reading" category at The Deathly Hallows Awards! It came as a real shock that someone remembered this old fic, much less nominated it for an award--especially when there seems to be a dearth of R/T fic nominated but so many more deserving R/T fics to represent the pairing. But I'm tickled pink as Tonks' hair, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't hope all you fans of the story go vote for Jumping the Broom. Or if you haven't read it, or haven't in a long time, give it a whirl. :)

Congratulations to f-listers [ profile] a_t_rain, who's also been nominated for a Marauder fic, and , who's up for A Little More Time!
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Any of y'all watch AMC's The Walking Dead? Hands-down the best new show on TV this year, and maybe the best show on TV this year, period (the jury's still out until the Dexter finale determines whether this season is just a repackaging of season two or an awesome twisty-turny season in its own right).

But back to The Walking Dead: I never thought I'd get into a zombie show, much less find my appetite for one insatiable after a six episode season.

I certainly never thought I'd dream about actually living through a zombie apocalypse, as I did last night. It was quite the tense dream, let me tell you! I was running around with a little band of survivors who included the Tater Tot (who wasn't running around, despite his newly-acquired skills, so I had the added challenge of dodging walkers while lugging around my 22 pound kid), a few random people with magic wands who could't remember any useful spells to help us escape the zombies, and Bruce Wayne. Yes, that Bruce Wayne.

Now, I haven't really thought Christian Bale was hot since Newsies (not that I don't think he can be hot, but I just don't think about him as much now as I did when I was a teenager), but I certainly was not objecting to the naked bits of this dream--because everyone knows that a crucial part of surviving the zombie apocalypse is to stop running and have sex. Seriously: don't you think the odds of not getting turned into a zombie are exponentially increased by being tight with Batman?

There was also something really strange about raiding all the abandoned supermarkets for stale bread to use as bricks for fortifying the walls of living shelters (don't know why Bruce didn't just take us to the Bat Cave) and stale bread puree being the best food for babies because of the antibiotics from the mold (apparently there wasn't any Gerber left on the abandoned supermarket shelves), and Bruce causing me much angst because he felt we needed to hide our relationship for my own protection (noble great prat), and finally the part where we ended up being sent to a concentration camp (don't ask me!) where our clothes were confiscated and they ran out of prison-issue pants before I could get any, because I wasted time in in decision over whether I wanted a white uniform or military fatigues.

As to whether I ultimately survived the concentration camp or the zombies or made my angsty relationship with Bruce work, I'll never know, because at that point, my alarm went off.

Is it season two yet?
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I managed to pull together a ficlet for The Gods' Delight challenge over at [ profile] chalion_ibra (the Lois McMaster Bujold community run by [ profile] katyhasclogs and [ profile] katyscarlett76), so if you're a Chalion fan, you might find it a fun read:

Title: Over a Barrel
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: G, none
Characters/ Pairing: Caz, Palli (mentions of Caz/Betriz)
Prompt: The Mother, barrel
Format & Word Count: ficlet, 735 words
Summary: Palli helps Caz cope with a life-changing experience.

It was fun to finally get something written (I set myself the added challenge of writing something in one sitting), and I hope to accomplish at least as much for the Winter Hallows Advent that just opened at [ profile] metamorfic_moon. (It's our 5th Advent, can you believe we've been going that long?)

Speaking of fic, I've been meaning to do this for several years now, but here's a list of holiday fics I've written for various fandoms, in case you're looking for something Christmassy to read. I encourage all you fic writers out there to do the same and give us a real festive fic fest!

Harry Potter
The Hopes and Fears of All the Years
During a Christmas shopping trip with Remus, Tonks finds a must-read book which affects their relationship over three Christmases. [OotP to DH AU: PG-13, 30,000 words, romantic comedy]

In Peace
Remus has long since moved on from thinking his marriage was a mistake for which Tonks has paid too dearly, but when the war brings grim tidings for his family on Christmas Eve, he realises that his life is, in fact, nothing short of a miracle. [DH: G, 4145 words, angst, romance]

Seas Between Us
Tonks knew the instant she woke that the New Year had not got off to a perfect start. [AU: PG, 1900 words, romance]

Two years into a relationship with Remus, and the correct way to deal with full moons continues to elude Tonks, dredging up her insecurities and memories of painful past failures. Voldemort's attack on a fellow Order member puts everything into perspective for her...But will Remus see the light? [POA-OotP: R, 66,000 words, drama]

You know Remus wants you, but he doesn't realise you want him every bit as much... Tonks finds a way to get exactly what she wants for Christmas, but of course, it involves breaking the rules. [OotP: R, 2823 words, romance]

You Should Know
Christmas is the time for holidays, but when she and Remus get away, she finds she can't take a holiday from letting him in on a secret. [POA: PG-13, 3435 words, humor/romance]

While Guardian Angels Watch
On Christmas Eve, they go to church. With them for parents, Noah could use a little of the grace of God in his life. But after church, Gabriel finds a little grace, too. [PG, 2752 words, general, humor]

Lark Rise to Candleford
A Life Worth Living
An unexpected stop at a country inn introduces James to a new business rival who forces him reconcile the Lark Rise boy he used to be with the London businessman he has become. Will his choice bring him closer to his son and bring him the love he so deeply desires? [PG, 21,080 words, drama, romance]

Christmas Bargains
Shannon wants Sayid. But first, they've got to get something only Sawyer has. Can Shannon drive a hard enough bargain? (Companion to Hatching Christmas) [Sayid/Shannon, rated pg-13, humor]

The Day After
Black Friday on the island. [Sayid/Shannon, rated pg-13, romance]

Hatching Christmas
"I bet you were a real good girl this year. Santa won't forget you." [Sawyer/Claire, rated pg, romance]

Hopes and Expectations
Sayid and Shannon ring in a new year on the island. [rated pg-13, romance]
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Are any of you familiar with The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks? If you weren't, you are now, and I am not responsible for any time lost on this hilarious site.

While at the Dallas Arboretum yesterday, I found a submission to the blog at the entrance to the frog fountains (pics to come of the Tater Tot playing with the giant stone toads that spout water):

That last one...I don't even want to know!
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Spotty internet connection today, but I just finished watching and had to pop in to say:

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This icon is totally inappropriate, but Lark Rise to Candleford is the closest thing I've got to Downton Abbey. Need to remedy this! Know of any Downton Abbey LJ communities?

Anyway, I watched the latest episode last night and know [ profile] gilpin25 and [ profile] godricgal want to discuss it, and I'm sure a few others of you do, too, so I thought I'd do a little post with my thoughts and impressions.

Go to sleep, and dream of a better man. )
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While up with the Tater Tot in the middle of one night last week, I got an idea for a Sense and Sensibility fanfic. Actually, it was much better than a mere idea; Colonel Brandon whispered a line in my ear (in Alan Rickman's sonorous tones--totally worth being up in the middle of the night for).

Anyway...the idea's based on this speech of Marianne's in the book. For reference, it takes place during her recovery from her nearly fatal illness.

"I mean never to be later in rising than six, and from that time till dinner I shall divide every moment between music and reading. I have formed my plan, and am determined to enter on a course of serious study. Our own library is too well known to me, to be resorted to for anything beyond mere amusement. But there are many works well worth reading, at the Park; and there are others of more modern production which I know I can borrow of Colonel Brandon. By reading only six hours aday, I shall gain in the course of a twelvemonth a great deal of instruction which I now feel myself to want."

My question, which I know reflects poorly on my English degree, is this:

What would be a reasonable reading list of "serious study" for Marianne to draw up for herself--especially the modern stuff (S&S was published in 1811) she'd get from Brandon?
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...but it was the only relevant one in my collection. (Forgot about the userpic problem when I didn't renew my paid account.)

Anyway! I expect most of you have seen the Hobbit casting news, but I have things to say about it.

Richard Armitage? As Thorin Oakenshield? Really? We're going with hot Dwarves now? Yes, Dwarves, plural, as Aidan Turner and Rob Kazinsky have also been cast as Dwarves. As if it's not bad enough that The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe made me lust after a faun, Peter Jackson is now going to have me lusting over Dwarves? Or is all that handsomeness going to be covered by a massive beard? Because that would be a real waste, you know.

Regarding the casting of Bilbo, if they couldn't make Ian Holm look young as per the prologue of The Fellowship of the Ring, Martin Freeman is a fine choice!

And now I do promise to stop spamming today!
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Title: Gorgon's Lair
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: G, none
Format & Word Count: ficlet, 764 words
Summary: When Remus comes home, he must face more than just a Metamorphmagus.
Author's Note: Not sure where this little idea came from; I finally got a little me time the other night, took a notebook in the bath, determined to write something, got the first line, and then the rest of this happened. I have another idea for something a little more light-hearted, but I've been wanting to do something with Remus and Andromeda for a long time. Thanks to [ profile] godricgal for betaing! Hope y'all like. :)

Gorgon's Lair )
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Are there any of you besides [ profile] philotic_net out there? At Mr. Tater's urging, I've been devouring the Ender books. Currently I'm very close to finishing Shadow of the Hegemon. And I've developed a crush on Peter Wiggin. Please tell me I'm not alone in this world...

On the subject of books, my book club is reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and I can't get past the first 90 damn pages because it's people sitting around giving exposition. Who told the author this was how you write a thriller?
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Question for the mommies out there:

Did any of you ever do sleep training, such as the Ferber method, with your little ones? Mr. Tater are at a bit of a loss.

For the past month the Tot has, fairly regularly, been waking up every 4-5 hours in the middle of the night to nurse. Everyone keeps saying that at 7 months and 20+ pounds, he shouldn't need to nurse in the middle of the night; and I will say that I think the Tot isn't primarily waking out of hunger, but usually from gas, and comfort nurses to fall back asleep.

Still, Mr. Tater and I are reluctant to jump on the sleep training bandwagon, for a number of reasons.

#1, we're still pretty much getting enough sleep to function (6ish hours; less on bad nights, which are not the norm), just not in long stretches.

#2, the whole sleep training thing, especially with the crying/soothing interval approach, seems like way more trouble to me than what we're doing now.

#3, the Tater Tot is currently in the midst of major developments. He's just starting to eat solids fairly well, which is likely wreaking havoc on his digestive system. He's so close to crawling, and pulling up on things to stand, and generally becoming more mobile. And he's still getting over the cold he got back in mid-September.

#4, if he's waking with gas and needs help working through it (he requires lots of leg bicycling) is crying it likely to encourage him to work out his gas himself, anyway?

I'm sure the answer is to go with my gut; I'm just not sure my gut is right, being surrounded by pro-sleep training people who say the Tater Tot will never learn to sleep through the night if we keep this up. Which seems a bit silly to me...

Of course, I also don't force him to take his naps in his crib; I let him sleep in my lap for several hours each day. We both like the snuggling! And he won't do that forever!

Thanks for indulging my mommy insecurity. :) Now to take advantage of this lovely cool morning and go for a walk with the Tot in search of Honey Crisp apples!
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I saw this video yesterday on Ellen. It's a for real ad. Hilarious on so many levels.

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I was in a hurry to finish this fic for the Summer Hallows Jumble at [ profile] metamorfic_moon before we left on vacation last week and didn't get a chance to link to it here. So, if anyone's interested in a little R/T fic, Tater style, you might check this out:

Title: War Baby
Author: [ profile] mrstater
Rating & Warnings: G, none
Prompt: angst, grave
Format & Word Count: fic, 1743 words
Summary: It's time for Teddy's first outing, and for Tonks to make peace with a noble great idiot. [Deathly Hallows]

And while you're at Meta, be sure to view and read all the art and fic submissionsa from the Jumble. We had a fantastic turnout (especially at the 11th hour!) bringing new additions to the R/T archives.

On Editing

Aug. 27th, 2010 09:58 am
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This article on editing appeared on the Authonomy blog yesterday. You writerly types may find it interesting.

I have a slight issue with the author's initial claim that nobody likes editing. For one thing, I like editing. I like editing my own work, and I like when other people edit my work. Yeah, sometimes I feel a little embarrassed when someone points out that something I wrote is dumb, but most of the time I don't think my early drafts are that great to begin with so I expect there to be some dumb stuff in there. (Heck, half the time I'm not even convinced that my final drafts are great enough to be free of dumb stuff.)

The way I see it, if someone points out something that can be made better, it doesn't mean the original was bad--quite the contrary: it was good enough that someone thought it was worth their time and effort to make it great. And why wouldn't I appreciate, even enjoy, that process?

But apparently I'm just weird?


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