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Still scribbling feverishly at [ profile] chalion_ibra! I'm tickled that I've actually managed to write a piece for each of the first week's prompts. Don't know if I'll be able to keep up this pace with the [ profile] day_by_drabble event starting tomorrow, but I'm getting really into Chalion fic again so I aim to try! Here there be links (again, in the case of a few of them) in case you're interested in a bit of Caz/Betriz fic.

(Incidentally, how do you Chalion fans pronounce Betriz? I've always said it "Beh-TRIZ" (i as in is), but the Chalion Dictionary claims it should be "BEE-trez." I like it my way better!)

Prompt 1: Which Bears Its Fruit in Season
Betriz quibbles with the timing of a visit, but Caz disagrees.

Prompt 2: Five O'clock Shadow
Caz seems to have forgotten something, but don't worry, Betriz will be sure to remind him. (120 words, rated G)

Prompt 3: Who Gives This Woman
The betrothal of Caz and Betriz sparks a flurry of correspondence between Valenda and Cardegoss. (1710 words, rated G)

Prompt 4: Something Blue
Caz reveals himself to be a student of fashion. (300 words, rated PG-13)

Prompt 5: The Last Supper
On the most important night of his life, Caz needs a drink. (120 words, rated G)

Prompt 6: Green
Betriz is more than just the joyful recipient of Cazaril's God-addled poetry. (150 words, rated G)

Prompt 7: Naked
Cazaril's past associations with nudity threaten to interfere with his wedding night. (1028 words, rated R)
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