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By far the biggest adjustment for me in becoming a mom (well, apart from not getting enough sleep and never getting to use the bathroom in private) has been the extremely limited writing time. Even when I have found the odd hour or two to write, I've found myself short on inspiration. It's just hard to shift gears! Actually, I don't think this difficulty is unique to moms so much as to any writer whose RL pulls in a dozen directions other than to the computer. My f-list used to consist pretty much strictly of fanfic, but now it seems no one, including myself, has much time for it, or our interests lie in different places.

Then two weeks ago the International Women's Day drabble meme went viral. Y'all came out of the woodworks to request and write drabbles from all across the fandom spectrum. It was challenging, fun, not a huge time commitment, and, most importantly, gave me that addicted-to-writing feeling I haven't had since before the Tater Tot was born. Seriously, I've been in withdrawal since I finished all my drabble requests!

I was tempted to start another round of the meme when [ profile] godricgal and I thought: wouldn't it be great to have a venue dedicated solely to writing drabbles for whatever fandom we fancied? Not finding anything like this on LJ, we decided to fill the niche ourselves. (Okay, speaking of withdrawal, we were possibly feeling the effects of 4.5 years passing since we last started a fanfic community...)

Anyway, all that to say: we're super excited to invite each and every one of you, and your various fandoms, to [ profile] day_by_drabble!


There's a thread for getting to know each other and our fandom interests, and in a few days we'll be posting the info about our first event, the April Showers Drabblethon.

So, whether you're a single-minded member of the Internet's largest fandom, or are the very first to dabble in fanfic, or flit around between dozens of fandoms--or all of the above!--become a member of [ profile] day_by_drabble for a daily dose of inspiration.

And don't forget to tell your friends. :) (Feel free to snag the ad banner to promote the community on your f-lists and favorite fanfic sites.)
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