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LJ etiquette is a tricksy thing. I know there are people who only friend me to keep up with fanfic updates. Usually if I've seen you around fandom, or if you've commented on one of my posts, I return friend those who friend me. However, because this is not a strictly fic journal and I do make f-locked posts about my personal life, I don't always return friend if I don't know who you are through a comment or two. It's nothing personal -- just an issue of privacy!

I'm sure in the process of protecting my privacy, I've missed out on friending some really awesome people, so I thought I'd do one of these obligatory friending posts to hopefully get to know those of you better who may want to get in on non-fandom Tater posts (which are generally either memes, pictures of my cat, musings on writing, or tales of householdy woe), and to bring a generally more welcoming atmosphere to this journal. I love meeting new friends who share my obsessions interests!

So, from now on, my official friending policy is that I'll happily return friend with an introduction here. If you friend without comment, I'll assume you're just here for the fic, which is perfectly cool, too. :)

(All comments to this thread are screened for your privacy. :))
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