Mar. 12th, 2011

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Finally finished all my International Women's Day drabbles. Only none of them was drabble length. Fifteen ficlets, for a total of 5,298 words. Not bad for five days' work--certainly the most writing I've done in a very long time.

Thanks to everyone who offered prompts. This was a fun exercise to stretch the writing muscles, and a great tribute to some of my favorite fictional females.

Tough I'm thinking that if we're going to be really good feminists, we need to do a male version of this meme. What say you all?

Battlestar Galactica

The Choice
Sharon's got what the Cylons want from Helo, so now it's time to kill him. But what about what Sharon wants? [1x7: 378 words, rated PG-13, romance]

You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)
For Starbuck, Gaius Baltar wasn't just a fling. [1x12: 242 words, rated PG-13, romance, angst]

The Chalion Series

Correspondence Course
Frustrations drive Ista to point out one of Chancellor dy Cazaril's fundamental flaws. [CoC: 199 words, rated G, humor]

Interest Piqued
Cazaril likes Iselle, but Iselle doesn't like Cazaril. Or does Iselle have it all wrong? [CoC: 163 words, rated PG, romance]

The Chronicles of Narnia

Gentle Justice
King Edmund has a problem. Which of his royal consorts is best suited to help him solve it? [Golden Age: 403 words, rated G, humor]

Downton Abbey

Sin & Punishment
Lady Mary's crimes seem to keep finding new victims. [281 words, rated PG-13, angst]

Harry Potter

The Best and Brightest
Tonks and her mother understand each other--for the first, and last, time. [DH: 362 words, rated PG, angst]

Misery Loves Company
After the war, Hermione has much to cope with, and it's Neville, not Ron, who helps her learn how. [DH: 320 words, rated G, angst]

After the birth of her third child, Ginny turns to her mother for help with a little problem with the baby. [DH: 337 words, rated PG, general]

A Punchup at a Wedding
It's Fleur's wedding day, and the surprises just keep on coming... [DH: 603 words, rated PG, general]

The Hunger Games
Say Yes to the Dress
What's a Mockingjay to wear for her wedding? [Mockingjay: 201 words, rated G, romance]

Lark Rise to Candleford

Seggsual Education
There's something Minnie needs to learn before she becomes Mrs. Alf Arless. But who will teach her? [603 words, rated PG, humor]

What Might Have Been
Emma feels a little lost. Queenie points her in the right direction. [273 words, rated G, general]

Sense and Sensibility

On My Worst Enemy
When Marianne bemoans the fact that not everyone gets what's coming to them, Elinor is predictably sensible. Or is she? [480 words, rated G, humor]

Star Trek (Reboot)

Girl Talk
According to Gaila, there's a bit of gossip going around about Nyota... (453 words, rated PG, general]


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