Feb. 23rd, 2011

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It's Oscar week! So let's talk movies!

I never managed to see all the Best Picture nominees back when there were only five, but last year I made it to six and this year I've watched all ten.

Fun as it is to see more great films recognized, I like to speculate about which ones would make the cut if the Oscars were as they used to be and only five could score a nomination. Just for kicks, here is my ranking of this year's Best Picture-nominated films (lots of cuts for lots of pretentious rambling about films):

10. The Kids Are All Right )

9. Winter's Bone )

**(If I could have it my way, Winter's Bone and The Kids Are All Right wouldn't be nominated at all, while The Town and How to Train Your Dragon would. But no one ever asks me for my opinion about these things.)**

8. The Fighter )

7. Black Swan )

6. Toy Story 3 )

5. The Social Network )

4. True Grit )

3. 127 Hours )

2. Inception )

And the Oscar goes to...

1. The King's Speech )

I'll return later this week for my Oscar night predictions, but for now, what are your thoughts on this year's films? Am I way off base? Any movies you feel were overlooked?


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